what we’re all about

What is a solid surface?

What we’re all about

Infin8 Surfacing specialises in a range of engineered surfaces for residential and commercial properties. Whatever your surfacing needs, our expert team will find the right solution based on your requirements.

We are proud to be certified as Quality Network Fabricators. This is an international certification awarded to us by our suppliers that recognises our superior fabrication processes and capabilities. This allows us to offer our clients a 10-year product warranty as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty.

We’re strong yet flexible, structured yet accommodating… Exactly like the materials we fabricate. If you can imagine it, we can create it – this includes anything from a bespoke reception desk to a curved staircase. We thrive in a world of infinite possibilities and are passionate about everything we do.

If you’re wanting to implement seamless and durable designs to residential or commercial spaces, Infin8 Surfacing can partner with you from start to finish – from concept to installation and everything in between.

Our History

Since our establishment in 2014, Infin8 Surfacing has grown from strength to strength and achieved much success. Our exponential growth has enabled us to acquire market-leading machinery which in turn, has created a more accurate, innovative and volume-focused environment. Above all, our growth has led to a 35-man team of phenomenal people.


Richard Lurie and Andrew Hatt start Infin8 Surfacing. This was done with three specialist fabricators, one vehicle and a 400m² factory.


In reaction to the steady increase in demand, the passionate Infin8 team grows to 16 employees.


After 2 short years, Infin8 Surfacing outgrows our original space and moves into a 1200m² factory in Maitland. This enables us to be process-driven, efficient and volume-focused.

The Excellence Group

The Excellence Group is established, the group’s cutting-edge standards are reflected in its diamond-shaped logo that incorporates five triangles representing the founding companies, Infin8 Surfacing being one of them.

Infin8 Surfacing

Infin8 Surfacing moves into our own purpose-built manufacturing facility. We carefully plan the floor space to optimise the assembly line and production flow, this maximises efficiency in all areas. We also refresh our marketing plan and logo.


With a staff compliment of 35, we expand our product offering by adding an exciting new dimension to the business called Infin8 Compact. This gears us up to fabricate compact laminate materials.

Our Team

Andrew Hatt | Infin8 Surfacing
Andrew Hatt
Managing Director
083 309 8098
Richard Lurie | Infin8 Surfacing
Richard Lurie
Group Managing Director
082 562 9009
Hein Biermann | Infin8 Surfacing
Hein Biermann
Product Specialist
063 257 3213
Owen Thompson | Infin8 Surfacing
Owen Thompson
Product Specialist
082 789 3258
Irene Maniveld | Infin8 Surfacing
Irene Maniveld
Production Manager
066 546 2842
Casey Miller | Infin8 Surfacing
Casey Miller
079 189 6664
Shanelle September | Infin8 Surfacing
Shanelle September
HR & Payroll
072 953 1350
Callie Barlow | Infin8 Surfacing
Callie Barlow
Marketing Co-ordinater
079 292 1596

We are a team of like-minded individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, who share the common goal of creating excellence. It is the gold standard that we pride ourselves on achieving for our clients, and to which we hold ourselves in everything we do.

We are experts when it comes to custom surfacing and the application of these materials in residential and commercial spaces. Under the leadership of an architectural technologist, we’re able to understand what homeowners and professionals are looking for. Therefore, we are able to effectively take a concept through the manufacturing process to installation.

Infin8 Surfacing Team