Case Studies

Taking Normal Laundromats to The Cleaners

We love it when a client thinks outside the box and aims to make a statement! Read more about this exciting new laundromat in Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

At this point in the year, it’s easy to let some things slip- which is we can only imagine that many people are struggling with that ever-growing pile of laundry. Our latest client aims to make going to the laundromat a pleasant experience, and we’re all on board for it! We worked closely with Pure Laundromat to create a signature piece for their new store in Willowbridge Centre. 

Pure Laundromat Welcome

Pure Laundromat came to us with the intention of making a statement in their new store- and we jumped at the chance to create something beautiful. Their brief consisted of creating a standout reception desk to grab the attention of customers. It was also important to incorporate their logo into the design so that the brand is prioritised. We were able to create signage that would be backlit, which definitely stands out! 

Pure Laundromat Upscale

Our client really wanted their logo to be positioned perfectly and in proportion to the store. In order to do this correctly, we made sure that we were properly prepared. We invited the team from Pure Laundromat to our offices and factory where we spoke through the design in-depth to make sure that they were happy. Afterwhich, we created a prototype of the final logo design on a hardboard before we made it out of our solid surfacing. This allowed us to pick up any small errors in sizing, positioning and design prior to installation. 

The final product was fabricated with a Staron surfacing in Bright White and combined with elements that Pure Laundromat supplied us with. We polished the surface to a glossy finish and created a beautiful curve to the front panels. 

Pure Laundromat Counter Surfacing

From receiving the initial brief from Pure Laundromat to the finished product, installed in the store, it took us a mere two weeks to complete the project. We are really happy with the final design and we look forward to seeing the client open more stores and grow their business! We hope that we can create more of these statement-piece reception desks for them in the future as they expand. 

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