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Desking the Solid Surfacing Way

To some, a solid surface is a flat, straight counter. But to Infin8 Surfacing, it is a world of seamless shapes and infinite possibilities.

Infin8 Surfacing is a Quality Network Fabricator of solid surfacing. This is an internationally renowned award based on fine craftsmanship and workmanship. Since 2014, when Infin8 Surfacing was established, we have experimented with the solid surfacing material to push the boundaries of traditional applications. Our focus is on creativity, innovation and being solution finders.

A popular application of this material is desking. The clean and neat finish boasts professionalism. Since solid surfacing can be thermoformed, Infin8 Surfacing can fabricate solid surfacing desks into any shape or colour – depending on your brand’s personality and identity.

Reception Desks

Reception Desks | Infin8 Surfacing

Reception desks are an undeniably important feature. Whether it is in a lobby, business front, waiting room or the like – a reception desk gives a first impression. Therefore, it needs to stand out.

Solid surfacing comes in a variety of finishes, this allows us to find the perfect solution for your bespoke reception desk requirements. Our product specialists (and solution finders) will assist in the design process to ensure Infin8 Surfacing exceeds expectations. We can include various special features such as lighting and custom branding in diverse shapes and colours.

Office Desks

Office Desks | Infin8 Surfacing

Office desks need to be classy and functional. There needs to be sufficient storage space to house files, stationary and other business essentials. Due to it being an area of intensive-use, solid surfacing office desks are ideal as they are easy to clean and stain/ scratch resistant.

Solid surfacing is also extremely durable. Their strength combined with their hygiene benefits make them an ideal solution for the office. Whether it is in the heart of the action, or an expert boardroom – Infin8 Surfacing can design solid surfacing desks or tables that suit your office theme.

Information Desks

Information Desks | Infin8 Surfacing

Information desks in shopping malls need to be eye catching and interesting. Solid surfacing information desks can incorporate different colours and visuals to stand out in shopping malls.

These information desks give an opportunity to use exciting shapes and curves. Infin8 Surfacing specialises in signage and branding which can be incorporated onto the solid surfacing unit. In addition to shopping mall information kiosks, Infin8 Surfacing offers way finders, benches and seating as well as shopping mall vanities.

Retail Desks

Retail Desks | Infin8 Surfacing

In retail outlets, Infin8 Surfacing offers solutions for help stations as well as point-of-sales desking and counters. The combination of visual appeal and functionality makes solid surfacing the ideal material for retail desking applications.

Solid surfacing can join seamlessly – there are no visible join lines. This will leave your retail space clean and sophisticated. Due to the variety of finishes offered in solid surfacing material, Infin8 Surfacing will have the perfect colour to suit your branding.

For all your bespoke desking requirements, email and we will bring your vision to life. Infin8 Surfacing thrives in a world of infinite possibilities.

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