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Solid Surfacing & Compact Laminates: Products

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to materials available for solid surfacing and compact laminates.


Infin8 Products


Infin8 Solid Surfacing

Although Du Pont (Corian & Basic) and Surinno solid surfacing are both not available in South Africa, there are a range of alternatives. Corian and Basic solid surfacing were extremely well known in the industry, but since their and Surinno’s discontinuation, many clients and professionals are not familiar with substitutes.

We have three suppliers of solid surfacing materials that can provide us with many colours, thicknesses and hues to satisfy different requirements.

Salvocorp supplies us with Staron and Perago solid surfacing material (both in 6mm and 12mm). Max On Top supply us with their Avonite solid surfacing material (both in 6mm and 12mm). While, Max On Top’s Advance material can be ordered in 3mm. Deco Surfaces supplies us with Schemar solid surfacing material in 6mm or 12mm.

Staron, Perago, Schemar and Avonite provide the same opportunities in design, while holding very similar properties to Du Pont Corian, Basic and Surinno solid surfacing.


Infin8 Compact

As a fairly new product on the market, there is an impressive range of high-pressure compact laminates. Compact laminates have an interior and exterior range to offer different materials for different environments.

Max On Top offers materials from the likes of Trespa and Fenix. All of their compact laminates are offered in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses (from 3mm to 13mmm).

Salvocorp supplies us with Fundermax and a Carbon Compact range. Similarly, to other high-pressure compact laminate ranges, Fundermax and Carbon Compact materials can come in a variety of material sheet sizes, colours, thicknesses and tones.

Our creative minds are ready to bring your volume-based projects to life through the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing high-pressure compact laminates. Please email for more information.

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