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Solidifying 2020

2020 proved to be a trying time for most businesses. At Infin8 Surfacing, we reflect on a year that defined us.

A Brand-New Factory

Infin8 Surfacing Workshop

2020 began with us settling into our brand-new purpose-built factory. This set a positive and productive tone for the year and allowed us to ensure more accurate and streamline processes. We completed the infamous Capitec headquarters, the biggest of its kind when it comes to a solid surfacing project in South African history. Another project highlight included the new Hotel Sky, which is nearing completion.

Marketing & Communications

In the blink of an eye, lockdown was implemented. The uncertainty was prevalent in all areas of our lives, so the Infin8 Surfacing spent time on refining processes as well as discussing various ways to be innovative over such an unstable time in the industry.

We were able to focus our energies on marketing, and activated all our social media platforms; as well as designing and launching a brand-new website. With the digital age being further emphasised through working from home, it proved to be incredibly beneficial and we are seeing the importance of keeping up with the times. Through various marketing processes, we realised what makes us unique. We created a variety of ‘Explore’ brochures that we send to every client/ industry professional – this is significant as it educates the industry about our unique products. It also ensures a high-quality and interactive communication process with our clients, which helped us in solidifying relationships.

Process & Innovations

As soon as our office and factory opened up again, we focused on implementing these new processes. Our objective was to reset, rebuild and reignite the beloved Infin8 Surfacing. We introduced a new product into our offering – high-pressure compact laminates. This brought many new avenues and markets to explore, and proved to be highly beneficial at a time when the market felt stagnant. In this relatively short period of time, Infin8 Compact has become a well-established and successful dimension of the business.

TEG Tours

With our TEG Tours up and running again, we reconnected quickly with the industry. These tours continue to be a productive and unique way to show the property and design industry what we, as The Excellence Group, are able to offer. We are more than happy to welcome prospective clients or professionals on a tour, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Our Commitment to Being Excellent

A major focus for us, as well as the rest of The Excellence Group, is investing back into our business. Constant development and improvement are what keep us ahead and we have done this extensively this year. Even with our factory being new, we spent time on creating innovate spaces in our boardroom and offices to ensure the best client experience possible.

At The Excellence Group, all five companies are aligned through our Five Pillars of Excellence – product quality, process, client experience, financial stability and being an employer of choice. This has proven to hold us all in good stead this year through each of these aspects being developed over the last few years. Even with a few bangs and bruises, Infin8 Surfacing is in a position of strength for 2021. This relates to all business practices, but also in terms of innovation, creativity and inspiration. We are geared for volume and look forward to bringing your visions to life!

Thank you to our clients, our suppliers and our wonderful team for making 2020 a year to remember. We look forward to what is to come and expect only greatness in 2021.

Our creative minds are ready to bring your volume-based projects to life through the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing high-pressure compact laminates. Please email for more information.

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