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As Clean as a Whistle

Compact laminates and solid surfacing both boast unmatched hygiene standards in design. While being in the midst of a global pandemic, cleanliness (whether in relation to people, businesses or surfaces) has never been more important.

In designing for today’s demanding healthcare facilities, surfaces need to provide both visual appeal and high performance. Both compact laminates and solid surfacing ensure high style and low maintenance – making all healthcare facilities easy to work in, more durable, easier to clean as well as contribute to sustainable design.


Infin8 Compact

Infin8 Compact consists of surfaces that cleverly combine layers of paper that have been immersed in a phenolic resin. It is then bonded together, through high-pressure and heat, into complete panels with a top decorative sheet. This material is a highly durable and cost-effective option for healthcare facilities and applications.

Solvent Resistant

Compact laminates have been scientifically developed to withstand solvents. This is highly advantageous in medical facilities and laboratories since there are constantly fluids and chemicals being transported between different work stations.

Easy to Clean

The non-porous composition of compact laminates ensures the resistance of the material whether it be to scratches, bacteria or solvents. The smooth, pore-free surface allows for simple cleaning measures to ensure protection against dirt, stains and other medical elements.


The complex manufacturing process creates a hard-wearing surface that is extremely strong and able to withstand the intense activities of high-traffic areas (such as laboratories or hospitals). This final protective layer combined with a flame-retardant core leads to a product with unmatched physical properties that can withstand high temperatures.

Infin8 Solid Surfacing

Solid surfacing is made from a blend of acrylics, alumina trihydrates as well as epoxy and polyester resins and pigments. Due to the engineered composition, the material can be thermoformed and seamlessly joined, which allows for endless design possibilities but more importantly, makes it extremely hygienic.

Seamless Joining

Solid surfacing creations can join seamlessly using an adhesive that chemically reacts to the material, which in turn creates an inconspicuous join. This is extremely beneficial as it ensures that mould and bacteria have nowhere to grow.


Due to the complexity of solid surfacing’s composition, it boasts nontoxic and self-protective qualities. Solid surfacing is non-porous which means that no liquids or similar elements can penetrate the material. This also makes solid surfacing very easy to clean and maintain.


Solid surfacing is impact-resistant and this durability ensures protection for the inevitable daily wear-and-tear in healthcare environments. If scratches do occur, they can be eliminated through a simple re-polishing process. We can place a piece of solid surfacing as an inlay to fill the damaged area. Once filled, the inlay piece will be polished out to ensure a seamless finish.



Both compact laminates and solid surfacing are highly suitable for all healthcare environments where there are stringent cleanliness standards. Whether it is patient rooms, nurse stations or cafeteria and food stations – there will be an option to suit your requirements. Not to mention, there are infinite design possibilities.

To find out more how our products are applicable in your home or commercial environment, email and one of our Product Specialists will be able assist.

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