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The Sky is the Limit

Infin8 Surfacing is currently working on an exciting project. We have been tasked with creating and installing 283 solid surfacing vanity units for the new Hotel Sky in Cape Town CBD.

For this project, Infin8 Surfacing was contacted by Ram Shopfitters for 9 floors of Hotel Sky, with each floor having an average of 32 rooms. Like with the Capitec project, we also worked closely with WBHO Contractors. This project is slightly more complex than meets the eye – based on the different room requirements, there were 24 different vanity designs within the 283 we had to produce.

We had to fabricate the solid surfacing vanities floor by floor. For each floor, there was a ‘random’ combination of these 24 vanity designs due to differences in room specifications. This project can be difficult to manage based on the high-volume demand and varying requirements. Therefore, it is imperative that we run our systematic production line efficiently.

Join us on a journey through Infin8 Surfacing’s production line for Hotel Sky!

Infin8 Surfacing Workshop


The Avonite 12mm solid surfacing sheets are delivered directly into the pre-fabrication area where they are marked with the job card number and client name.

Pre Fabrication
With our in-house AutoCAD and CNC drawing programs, we ensure the drawings are done to exact measurements given before programming the 24 different vanity types into the CNC machine. This allows the machine to optimise the solid surfacing sheets accordingly, minimising waste.

The front loader of the CNC can hold up to 30 solid surfacing sheets. An individual sheet is pulled onto the CNC cutting bed and the material is cut in order of vanity type based on floor requirements. This includes the basin and tap cut-outs for each vanity. Once the CNC machine has cut the material, our V-Groover machine is used to create all the necessary backsplashes.


Once the solid surfacing material has been cut by the CNC and required backsplashes have been completed, it is collected from pre-fabrication and placed in the fabrication area for assembly. To ensure our infamous seamless finish, an adhesive of the same colour is used to join the backsplashes to the CNC-cut vanity tops.



This is the labour-intensive area of the production line, as each vanity has to go through a complex polishing process to ensure the durability of the product. By polishing the vanity correctly through the various steps, it guarantees the stain resistance and non-porous benefits of the solid surfacing vanity units.




Finally, the solid surfacing vanity goes through a thorough quality check. It is then carefully packaged and again, labelled with the same job card number and client name. Our expert site team then loads and transports the final products to site for installation.



The production line doesn’t end in our factory – the site process is just as important. With our senior site fabricators, Infin8 Surfacing can install up to 6 vanities a day. Not only are we fabricating 283 solid surfacing vanity units, but we also source and supply the steel brackets that are essential for securing the vanity in its place. Once the vanity is installed and signed-off by the client, we then place a protective layer of wrapping over the vanity to prevent any damages until the official opening of Hotel Sky.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” — Paul J. Meyer

Infin8 Surfacing has carefully designed our production line to ensure streamline processes in all areas. A complex project like this is the reason we consider all variables when designing our internal processes. As a result, the sky is the limit.

Our creative minds are ready to bring your volume-based projects to life through the infinite possibilities of solid surfacing. Please email for more information.

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