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Signage is a powerful device to capture the imagination and attention of consumers. At Infin8 Surfacing, we have a number of tools and skills at our disposal, as well as the creative edge to allow your brand to stand out from the rest.

Signage is an extremely effective brand tool. Think of it as a first impression, one that carries a message about who you are, what you do and the quality of the service you deliver. Whether it’s used for wayfinding, information, instruction or to encourage an impulse action, it ultimately functions as a visible symbol to drive attention to your business. So naturally, getting it right is vital.

Infin8 Surfacing has been creating purpose-built signage for our clients for 6 years. With our investment in cutting-edge machinery and highly skilled people, we’re able to take an idea and translate it into a tangible and custom-made product.

We primarily offer two main signage solutions:

  • Resin-infill
  • Recess-cut with LED lighting

For both signage solutions, we use our CNC machine. This machine operates on a computer numerical control system and houses cutters as thin as 1mm. This ensures accurate and precise lettering and artwork.


Resin-infill signage: from concept to installation

Once the artwork is received from the client, this information is given to our CNC operator who programs the CNC machine accordingly. Thereafter, we are able to cut the artwork into the solid surfacing 12mm material, usually at a depth of 3mm.

Our next priority is to mix the resin to the appropriate colour and consistency (all quality checked by our experts) before it is poured into the CNC 3mm cut-out. Once set, usually after 12 hours, we polish off any excess resin using an orbital sander, which ensures the artwork is flush with the solid surfacing material. A final polish is given before the installation.

For your signage solutions, as well as other surfacing projects, including custom-made furniture, desks, vanities and tables, do not hesitate to contact us. Our creative minds are ready to bring your commercial or home design ideas to life.

Contact Andrew via email or on 083 309 8098

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