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Signage is a powerful tool to create brand awareness. LED backlighting can further amplify your brand to customers. The collective expertise inherent at Infin8 Surfacing ensures this.

Since inception, Infin8 Surfacing has believed in the importance of investing in the right people and tools to create what our clients imagine. Signage requirements are as varied as our clients themselves, so we offer two main signage solutions: recess-cut with LED lighting and resin-infill. Our CNC machine is primarily used in this process, and accommodates cutters as thin as 1mm, thereby ensuring accurate and precise artwork.

From start to finish: recessed cut-out signage with LED backlighting

We examine the brief and receive necessary artwork.

Our CNC operator then programs the information into the CNC machine, which cuts the artwork into the back of the solid surfacing 12mm material to a depth of 9mm. The final 3mm that remains is translucent enough for light to penetrate the material.

The uncut areas are painted black to prevent light from bleeding through the material, ensuring a crisp clean lighting effect. To further enhance the quality of light, we construct a timber box beneath the artwork to house the LED strips.

From the back of the material, the LED lighting will infiltrate the remaining 3mm, to illuminate the front face of the artwork. The are various LED lighting colours available.


Tips for effective outdoor signage

  • Less is more: keep your message short so it’s easy to see and read at a glance. Make sure the size is right so it’s legible at the distance it’s placed.
  • The empty space is just as important: As a rule of thumb, 30-40% of the sign should be clean.
  • It’s all in the font: Use crisp, easy-to-read type and use the font weights to maximise certain parts of your message. Avoid using more than two different fonts in your design and avoid using all capital letters is this is more difficult to read at a distance.
  • Add a border: This increases reading speed.
  • Increase contrast: The greater the contrast, the more legible the text. Combinations like yellow on black, white on blue and green on white are very effective.

For your signage solutions, as well as other solid surfacing projects, including custom-made furniture, desks, vanities and tables, do not hesitate to contact us. Our creative minds are ready to bring your commercial or home design ideas to life.

Contact Andrew via email or on 083 309 8098

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